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Focus Your Life With Purpose!

So many changes take place at the beginning of September such that it's easy to get caught up in task management without taking advantage of the opportunities waiting for us to explore. Yes, the kids are back in school, vacations are over and the weather is changing. However, these and other Fall changes are changes that represent fresh starts, new beginnings and the opportunity to take busy work off our calendar and replace it with meaningful tasks.

Fall is a great opportunity to focus on what is meaningful to you.  Be specific about it.  What do you really want to do? Write it down and then think about how you will bring it to life.  Stop making excuses about what's stopping you and focus on what you need to do to accomplish your goals.  Focus!

Find 30 minutes in the early morning when everyone is still sleeping or assign yourself homework every night by taking 30 minutes to focus on what you want to do in life.  If necessary, complete your homework at the same time the kids are doing their homework. The kids may view it as a family project and look forward to it every night.  Or, cut out a TV show and replace it with your time to map out goals for yourself. Whenever you find the time, use it wisely to identify not only goals but your plan of implementation. When you focus and get your life in order, you will be in the best position to then focus on the ones who matter most to you.  So find the time to focus and find your purpose. There's no time like the present! Where will you find your 30 minutes of focus?

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