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Buying & Selling

Are you buying a home? Or maybe you are selling a house you inherited? The Law Office of Rhonda L. Maco, PLLC. represents clients whether they are buying or selling a home. It is the Firm's policy to discuss all the joys and pitfalls of home ownership before entering into a contract of sale. From the initial inspection, to reviewing the title report and all the way to the closing, we are insistent upon giving our clients full details about every aspect of real estate transactions. Likewise, as a seller, we make sure we understand all aspects of your home so we can identify potential problems before accepting an offer.

We also handle the negotiation of commercial and residential leases. We keep abreast of the different changes in the market so we know what concerns to share with anyone seeking to enter into a real estate lease. Our job is to make sure you enter into a real estate transaction that will take you where you want to be personally and professionally. 

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