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Meet Rhonda L. Maco

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Rhonda L. Maco, Esq

Ms. Maco has been practicing law for over fifteen (15) years; she draws from a wealth of legal knowledge and solid experience that sets her apart in every way. Ms. Maco's legal experience includes transactional work as well as trial experience.


So whether you need documents drawn up for a business deal or if you need to obtain a court order, Ms. Maco possesses the skills to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Her insatiable love for writing, critical thinking and public speaking has been cultivated at an early age and developed throughout her legal education and professional experience. Maco was influenced and intrigued by the concept of legal rights and set her sights on the legal world without looking back. 

Today, Maco counsels and advocates for clients in a variety of personal and professional disputes. Call the office today to see how she can service your legal needs.  


Ms. Maco has been practicing law in the State of New York since 2003. She is a current member of the Nassau County and New York State Bar Associations; In the past she has served as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Nassau County Women's Bar Association and the American Bar Association's Young Lawyers' Committee on National Security. She was also involved in the Organization of Women in International Trade. 

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