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Wills & Trusts

Its not only when things go bad that you should find an attorney, you should consult with with for your pre and postnuptial agreements.


Divorces don’t have to be a fight anymore. If you and your ex agree you can get a reasonably priced  uncontested divorce. Let us make your separation as amicable as possible. 

Children deserve stability. Tired of the uncertainty in whether the other parent will be showing up for visits, tired of the threats that you will be taken to court for custody. Consult with our attorneys to find our what your rights are. 


No one deserves to be abused. We offer discounted rates for victims of domestic violence. Don’t wait until its too late, get out now. Let us help you with your case in family court. Sometimes all you need is someone who knows and understands your rights to assist you. Any crime committed against you is not only illegal, but also constitutes a family offenses and can allow you to be granted an order of protection by the court. 


You didn’t make them alone, why should you support them alone. Child support is a right and an obligation. You have the right to apply for it, and the non custodial parent has the obligation to pay it. 

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